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Doom Marine

Hitscan weapons sometimes won't work for my level...

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I had something kind of strange happening to me at some points in this level I'm creating... Sometimes the enemies would become partially invincible, meaning that when I shot at them, the hitscan weapons wouldn't have any kind of affect... No blood coming from the monsters, or anything. The hitscan weapons will only hit some of the times, and the plasmas and rockets seemed to work fine.

I used the Deepsea default node builder to build nodes for my level btw, WHAT IS GOING ON?

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This is a known issue in vanilla doom and some (all?) source ports. There's a thread about it somewhere around here...

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Assmaster said:

This is a known issue in vanilla doom and some (all?) source ports.

AFAIK ZDoom is the only one which has this fixed. Although it has to be said that as a side effect the BFG is more effective because the secondary blasts are also hitscan attacks and unlike in vanilla Doom or other ports none are lost. In ZDoom it's much more likely that a Spider Mastermind can be killed with just one BFG shot.

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