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the doomed marine

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way before the incident on phobos(or deimos whichever came first) the was another tragady involving the portals. if anyone ever tells you that the former soldiers have no intelectual thought they's lian. i would know...

i still remember it like it was yesterday. we, that is my and reggie, was placed on guard duty for an unknown sector. truth was we didnt even know what we was guarding. every day me and reggie would wonder what was behind that huge door. he figured it was some plutonium or bombs or something like that but i knew better cuz every night when i slept i would have the same strange dream. i was guarding the door when a weird voice from behind it would wisper to me. "come, come, he has been waiting for you for a long time" i would turn to reggie and say "did you hear that." no answer would come so i hit him on the back and say "hey man" and reggie would crumble like dust. the door opens and a blinding light from behind would come pouring out and a siluete(i spelled it wrong, its hte thing where you only see the shadow) of something would drag me in. then i woke up. i just regarded it as a stupid dream untill one day. me and reggie where jsut doing are guard duties when a pounding came from inside the door. "woah" said reggie, "i had better go get some help. reggie ran off leaving me alone with this creepy thing. the pounding grew louder and louder untill the door busted open and a blinding light came blasting out. it was just like my dream. i froze. something started to come out so i blasted it but i couldnt bring it down. i grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the light. i was fighting to get free with all my might when the door burst open behind me and reggie with others stormed in. that was the last i saw. i could hear them calling my name as i was dragged into the light. and then i blacked out.

upon waking i was sitting on something that looked like a giant mushroom and there was a horable monster sitting right next to me. he smiled "i have you at last." it was the same voice from my dream. "who are you?" i asked nervously. "who i am is not importent" he replied, "its who sent for u." he motiond for me to follow him and when i refused he yanked a chain that he had around my neck. i noticed then that i was all tied up and had no choice but to follow him. i was led through a horrable place. there where shadows everywhere, and then i noticed there was no light source to create the shadows, or for me to see which was odd cuz i could see fine. far off i could hear screeming now and then. after a while i could see eyes looking at me from off to the side. sometimes they would reeach out to grab me but my captor just smaked em away. finally i got the courage to ask "is this hell?". he smiled, "dont be silly." finally we got to a wide open room. there was nothing in it. but then came a voice that just seemed to be in my head like my own thoughts. "welcome" it said "so glad i could finally meet you."
"why am i here" i asked. "you are to work for me now." it replied. "doing what?" i said but then i wwas shoved off into another room where i was, well... i guess zombified is a good word for it.

but you know its not so bad. i mean the work is horrable but i was told if i could get someone else to take my place i could go free. jsut like the guy who got me. i have been doing this for about 10 years now and have had enough. i know that the next person i get wont like doing it any more then i do, which weighs heavy on me but i have to get out of here...

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