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anyone interested in "vintage" wads?

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just curious to see if anyone still plays DM wads from between '95-97 and what their favorites are. I'm having a blast reliving the days of modem deathmatching (but obviously not over the modem) and was wondering what others are thinking.

i just played through cathy.wed (DOOM), gangstar.wad (DOOM) and death1.wad (DOOM also). for some reason, ive always gravitated toward DOOM over DOOM2 (must be that first episode), but i havent seen too much activity on ZDaemon.

anyone got a favorite, old DM wad?

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I'm having fun playing through the archives for my DM Review site. There are some real gems from way way back. It's also interesting seeing how DM evolved too.

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"The Ana's Dream"
Made in 1996, very cool. The problem with it though is that when I first played it I ran around wandering where the next switch is, and it took me like an hour and a half. The second time I played it it took me around 20-25 minutes. If you play it, don't backtrack for more than a minute; if you do, you've missed something. Most of it is finding the next switch, but the archvile is so tripped out!
Duh, except this isn't a DM wad. XP

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TNT Blood maps 09, 12 & 14 :-D

Gothic DM map 02.

And some other map...it's been ages since I last played DM in Doom, just those are outstanding DM maps.

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