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having a classic doom moment

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this is probably going to be a boring rant, but i'm in a mood....

I finaly built my killer computer, im using win XP and ill find the way that works best to play the classic Dooms... Lately ive been so busy making my own game stuff, that my Doom TC project has gone, probably permanently to the wayside.

I will try to dig up and pass on what Ive created so others can enjoy the weapons, though the dehacked work will be needed yet. this may not happen soon either.

I want to thank every one of you who've been there to help me when doing conversion stuff, you were the inspiration to me as well, and it's what made me realize at age 35 that I want to be a computer animation artist.
And now i'm going to school for computer animation, and working on our first 'real' game with the Gamestudio engine. All this because of the Doomworld forums. I can't thank you all enough, except to contribute my 'stuff' i made.

And for more babbling, recently i got to thinking about classic Doom, and after reading the thread of what will happen to doomworld when doom3 comes out (no change), it hit me. this topic has been done to death I know, but i figure you havnt had to deal with me for almost a year now so :PPPP

Doom will always be popular to us, and contrary to popular belief, it IS the graphics, and it IS the sound quality. Doom is so unique. it is it's own world, and we expect nothing dramatic or photorealistic when we revisit it. we dont expect it because thats how that world is. I feared i'd lose interest in Doom with all these new, high tech games I can play now, but fear not. We never will because it is a world we are so familiar with, and it's a world that had provided us with so much damn fun.

Doom will live forever, it really will

I apologize for the rant, I'm off again to my new life, I'll be back soon though to share with everyone. Thanks again for everything!! *sniff*

Jason J Adamski

ps if anyone cares to eat some lead, i play RTCW on ECGnetwork often as Bluebeast. Come play and I'll kill you, just as friends should ;)

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