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quake granade and nails

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Mordeth said:

This is your third post regarding your project. Could you please stick to one post?

sorry i just wanted to see if i could get as much feedback as possible on the quake project.

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Torn said:

But what have you made so far?

you can see what i have made so far by looking at the wad thats on the link to my website. i just need help with nails and a granade launcher.

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Fanatic said:

Looks like you stole my QDOOM graphic for the menu, who knows what else. :(

If you give me proper credit, you can use the resources from QDOOM's WAD.


dude i tried to e-mail you on the subject but you never awswered my e-mail also this is just a beta ill make sure on the next beta version you will have all credit for the graphic, weapons, and items.
except for the quake guy and the lightning gun which is from qdoom12 and the deh file which i configured. sorry about then inconvince i was going to put on the credit page that they were your graphics but i guess i forgot. Also can you possible help me with my making nailz and a granade launcher problem please??? awesome job on qdoom by the way.

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Credit would be much appreciated. You can contact me at http://fanaticalproductions.net

If you emailed the address in the old QDOOM zip file for Mindspring or Bellsouth, those addresses no longer exist.

There are nail and grenade sprites in the QDOOM.WAD. To make them work the same as Quake, you have to make the weapons rockets using the nail and grenade sprites for the projectile.

For making grenades bounce in Dehacked, I don't know how to make that happen (or if it's possible). You could use the flaming skull action pointer and give it no gravity maybe.

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