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Battle Cat

Textures in a wad ?

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I've never had any problems adding sounds, sprites, and stuff to my wads, but i need to be able to put textures inside a wad file.
It appears the normal doom textures are inside a directory of some sort, or something.. how do i do this ?

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Yes, WinTex can do that. First, you will need to add the patches, which are the actual pictures. However, for it to show up in the list of textures, you will need to go to the texture editor and create the texture using the patches you loaded and/or the patches already in the iwad.

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XWE makes this VERY simple. First put the picture file into a wad, then make to wad entries called P_START (or PP_START) and P_END (or PP_END) and put the texture lump between them. Then simply right click the texture lump and click add to PNAMES, and then right click it again and tell it to add to TEXTURE1. (These might be called Patches and Textures, but I've forgotten). That should be enough info to get it working.

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