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The artist formerly known as Scuba Steve (currently also known as Scuba Steve) has updated the Action Doom page with a brand new Action Doom Trailer which, as one might expect from Action Doom, is full of ACTION and... more ... action... Ever the wordsmith, I am.

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This may or may not have happened.

<SargeBaldy> ACTION!
<Scuba> ACTION!
<SargeBaldy> ACTION
<Scuba> ACTION

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Aside from the Double Dragon II reference, that really looked like a trailer for a new Contra game, as noted by Ichor the Fury.

Let's attack aggressively!!

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Assmaster said:

Action Doom.... no wait, Scuba Steve's: Action Doom is all about ACTION!

Yes! Thinking otherwise would just be STUPID!!

*marches down the street chanting 'ACTION' over and over*

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geekmarine said:


The "people making a free mod for a game" FAQ

Q: When will the mod be released?

A: When it's done.

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Action DooM is bearing my child!

Man, that trailer is the best trailer for anything I've ever seen, its not just a trailer, its a whole house! :D Superbtastic work for Scuba Steve and Cyb for his linguistic skills. :D

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chilvence said:

Needs more DRAMA

BLASPHEMER! If there were drama it would take away from all the ACTION!

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