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ZDCTF Directors Cut

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So I sat back in my chair. The first official ZDaemon CTF map pack was very near completion (Take that, naysayers), all of the maps had been finished, all that remained was to iron out a few bugs here and there in various maps. That's when it hit me. I fired up DoomBuilder and produced the monstrosity shown below.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you see that correctly. A Dwango5 Map01 remake for ZDaemon CTF. Origionally, I had thought of it as a joke map, as this map is the lump "SECRET01" in 8CTFMEGA, the latest ZDaemon CTF megapack beta.

However, it proved quite a bit more popular than I had anticipated, and I actually found myself having fun on this weird map. Then, deathz0r handed me two more spectacular maps, "You Can't Hide ; CTF Edition" and a CTF version of UDM2 Map12. I already had plans to make a CTF version of Map01 and a CTF version of Dwango6 Map01, so thus, but I didn't want to put them into the origional map pack, so the "ZDaemon CTF Megawad: Directers Cut" project was born.

Like the last CTF map pack, we are calling you guys out and saying that if any of you has a map that wants in on this map pack. However, the requirements for this kind of map pack are a lot more relaexed than the last.

Basically, this is what kind of maps we are looking for:

  • Novelty maps. Deathz0r, for example, is updating his legendary canthide.wad for CTF play. Want a spammish CTF map? Go ahead.
  • Dwango and other popular WAD CTF remakes. We already have a dwango5map1 and e1m1 remake. I want to handle the Dwango6map1 remake and the Doom2 map01 remake. Anything else is fair game. Note that they dont have to be exact replicas. For example, if you wanted to do a doom2 map11 CTF map, you cut the ring in half and mirror it so you have the archie room on both sides and a single ring in the middle. Or, a Doom2 map02 CTF wad, you could mirror the whole base from the start point (make that little atrium that you start in the connecting point) and have the two 'red key stations' hold the flags. And maybe remove the blue key area, or turn it into a teleport station to the other teams base.
  • Anything with a novel concept. Use your imagination.
And yes, there are a few rules:
  • The maps must look on the level of a wad like Dwango5 or above. This isn't a mock2 CTF megawad (I'm saving that for later), so don't make a level look like total ass.
  • The map must play REASONABLY well. I am not talking perfection, I am am simply talking about making things reasonably balanced.
  • If we get too many of one kind of map (too many d5m7 remakes, for example), we might have to not include yours. Nothing personal.
  • I would really recomend using some of the team banners from the 8CTFMEGA megawad (avalable on raiders fileserver or upon request) so you can tell which base you are in. If you don't put eough, I may add some, but I really don't want to have to.
So far, we have three maps done (Actaully, four, if you include the E1M1 remake that I posted in the last ZDCTF thread that never got used), with two more forming in my head and on the way to completion. Any contributions are more than welcome.

And before any of you start crying bloody murder, fear not. The map lumps will be named "BONUS01" to "BONUS??", and will be able to be loaded along with the origional CTF map pack. In addition, another set of high quality CTF maps is on the way after I complete this project, as ChronosHunter (Of TLSDM fame) is working on two maps already, and I have approched several other people about making CTF maps. And this doesn't count what I might be able to pull out of my diabolical hat for the second round. So stay tuned....

- = = = -

This new project is unofficially brought to you in part by http://www.imageshack.us . I am so sick and tired of people using crap webhosting like geocities and tripod to try and host their pictures. Imageshack is easy, you don't even need an account.

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I also have made a CTF map based on d5m1 a while ago but unfortunately it's been lost...

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