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DOOM Anomaly

Share the Love. :D

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Hiya. :D

Well I figured I'd draw something for here because I've always wanted to. :D So I did. :D

This one here is my first attempt at a drawing in quite some time. Though I didn't do to the very best of my ability, I did pretty close. I just wanted to draw a picture of a Doom monster and I figured this would be a great one. :D I did it in English class durring Silent Reading. :D
(Yeah, same thing I have posted under the picture. :D)
(And yeah, I put it on that site because I am sure Geocities would collapse after one view. :P)

I am not an artist, I am artisticly challanged and have problems with my writing or drawing abilities, but I wanted to draw this. :D

There ye be.
Comments, criticism and all that jazz are welcmome of course. :D

Enjoy, or whatever you preffer to do. :D

Oh and, just in case, if its hard to tell, that is a Pain-Elemental with Lost Souls. :D

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/Me remembers one of Hell Baroness' awesome comics.

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