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Need to know sector actions and slopes

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I use Doombuilder and i need some help.

I need to know how to use "sector actions" and "slopes".

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Sector actions let's see, perhaps you mean sector effect. If so...
1-Right click the sector
2-Click Select Effect...
3-Pick the desired effect

Is that what you meant? Sounds like a strange question. Ok maybe you mean this:
1-Right click the line that will start the action
2-Click Select Action...
3-Click the plus sign next to "Sector"
4-Pick desired action

Ok it's gotta be one of those ^

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I think he means the sector action things.

Here we go:

Place a sector action thing in a sector and give that thing a special. Now, when you do the action that the thing is named after (eg. enter sector, hit floor) the thing's special will be run. The special will be run every time you enter the sector though, so if you want the special to run once only, give the sector action thing a tid and remove it in a script. Or place an identical thing in the same sector with Thing_Remove (tid) as it's special.

To make monsters activate the special, set the deaf flag.
To make projectiles activate it, set the dormant flag.

(and if you're confused about what 'eyes go above/below fake floor/ceiling' means, it's when you go underwater or when you come back up above water)

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Yes. "sector action things" it was.
Thanks alot i think i got it right now.
I use zdoom/hexenformat.
Damn it's more fun to create maps,then to play one.

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