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Little Faith

I am beyond lame, a despicable craphead so to speak (legacy question).

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How can a man claim any sort of honor when he can't even perform the simplest function, even with the help of the documentation.

<beats himeself over the head>

Basically I need to take a screenshot, and it should already have been taken yesterday..

<beats his head into a wall until small white stars dance before his eyes>

I tried binding a key to the screenshot command, but to no avail. I look up the console file, but weirdly enough it is truncated just at the start of the actual commands list, but after all it is far too lame not to know something as simple as to bind a key to a function.

And remeber I need to do this ASAP, actually I need to do it Yesterday!!!

God, I am worthless.

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If you're using the OpenGL renderer, you can press Print Screen and paste it into an image editor (use true colour, rather than 8-bit colour).

Otherwise, put -devparm in your command line (like in the good old days), and press F1.

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So typing "bind z screenshot" in the console and then pressing 'z' to take a screenshot doesn't work?

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Bloodshedder said:

So THIS is why /newstuff #170 is late.


And to exl, you are probably right, but my legacy documentatio was snipped for some odd reason.

Given my flowery language, I was in a furious temper at the time. I had just spent half an hour smashing my head repeatedly into a wall.

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