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Grandmaster Title - How to earn it?

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since ages i am trying to find some info about the doom titles "grandmaster" "tyson" and so on.
i guess tyson is when you fistfight your way throughout the game..... and i think it was necessary to record a demo and upload it somewhere...
but the last time i saw anything about it was ages ago.

does anyone have some info about the "grandmaster" title?
what needs to be done to earn it?
is there an "official commitee" ;) ?
to make it short.... how can i become a grandmaster of doom?

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That's the Doom Honorific Titles, but it's long since defunct. The demos from the title exams can be found here.

The nearest modern equivalent is compet-n, but there aren't titles to be gained there. Still, if you do a compet-n 30nm run, no one will argue if you call yourself a D2S (Doom2 Schwarzenegger).

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