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dll problems

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Well I don't know much about computers so this question may seem a bit dumb and all, but I'll ask anyhow.

I've been trying to run some games on my parents computer but it keeps saying stuff like:
unable to find dinput8.dll or d3d8.dll
Well I don't know what these are or how I should get them. I got the games legally and installed them perfect.
can anyone help me?

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download.com should have them
theyve got everything
if not try google

actually it sounds like a direct x problem. sounds like it requires direct x 8, download that or somethin

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you need to install directx, go to microsoft.com and install directx9 (the latest version). it's free of charge.

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læmænt said:

generic windows-bashing post here

generic linux-bashing counter-attack post here

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