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Bastet Furry

No LowRes in zDoom 2.0.50 (Frame Switch Error)

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Himeowth Board!

Lately i tryed to lower my resolution from 1024x786 to 640x480 for playing grove.
(Neat map btw ;) )
When i switch down the resolution, all i get is a frame with the right picture and a frame with the old 1024x786 data(!).
Sooo... whats wrong?

And now, i looked for the version number, even 1024x786 does this frame mirror error.
Damn it :-(
If it helps, i have this:
AMD-K7 2000+
512 MB RAM
GeForce 3 (That one from the Aldi 1,8 ghz Computer... i slaughtered one and divided the hardware trough my computers ;) )
OS: Wincrash XP

Hoping for a solution, the werelion!

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