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TNT Remixes

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For anyone who likes the music from TNT evilution, I have remixed 4 tracks from it. TNT 10, TNT 14, TNT Stats and TNT 05. TNT 14 was accepted at Overclocked Remix , and i'm hoping the same for Stats. You can get the 4 remix set here. Enjoy.

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I like Memorian (maybe because I liked the original track for its 'beauty' and emotional feel) and TNT 10 (despite the fact that it doesn't quite capture the Doomy feel of the original track - this was one of the few Final Doom tracks I actually liked).
And...yeah...TNT 05 is good too. Don't like The Calling, but that's more because the original track sucked and this remix sounds too much like the original to get rid of the suckiness :-P

Good job there. Make more! :-D

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