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Doombuilder cfg problem

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I'm having a problem with a .cfg file i wrote for doombuilder. The cfg is build off of the ZdoomDoomHexen cfg that simply addes in the objects for my mods, and replaces the the game title with the title of my project. However, when i load doom builder, it keeps telling me that its found a new cfg and to identify the iwad for it. This wouldn't be a problem, but it happens every single time i open doombuilder, and aftet the second consecutive time i open the program i get a crash saying "Error 457 in LoadConfiguration: the key is already associated with an element of this collection." When i go into the builder.cfg, i found that the program has loaded my configuration twice, and if i deleate the one of the lines, it still asks me to find an iwad for the cfg. What gives? I didn't think i changed anything in my cfg that would upset doombuilder that badly. What gives?

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Make sure the "game" definition is unique.


// This is the title to show for this game
game = "ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format)";
Make it different, because this title is already in use:
// This is the title to show for this game
game = "ZDoom (skadoomer project)";
Just an example, make it whatever you want.

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