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what tools do i need to open .zdo demos

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I've no idea. I have never heard of this file format, and it isn't listed here. Where did you get it from? Or what program created it?

The normal file extension for Doom demos is .lmp.

Sorry, I don't know what a Doom parody video is either.

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.zdo demos are those recorded with Zdaemon. To play it, enter the console and type:

netplay demoname

You should have already loaded the necessary wad with -file parameter by then.

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You need to have the same version of Zdaemon and the same version of your wad file.
zdaemon -netplay <demoname>.zdo -file tokedm.wad
Badfish, Toke, and I think Ralphis have all had temporary zdo websites... or maybe that was just a meeting of the unholy. :D

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