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That close to a cyberdemon = not good

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Yeah, I sketched it out sometime last night. I got the demon's head done in peace then everyone and their grandma decided to IM me so it was a juggle between sketching more and answering people. I also changed the structure of the head somewhat. Most of the images I found online had the eyes far back, which bothered me.

The little critter that seems to be yelling up at him is my own character and you can probably see where I could not just get her right. I think she looks really funny looking, but I just am fed up with attempting to get her right.

I might color it sometime.... sometime.

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Yes, I realized that. I thought of giving him a more bovine sort of look, but I didn't quite enjoy the way that was coming out.

Thank you though. :D

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Heh, it looks like they're coming on to eachother. It's a good sketch though, I think it would look very nice if colored properly.

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Doomster228 said:

*Trys not to say it......* WTF IS THAT!!!! (SORRY MAN)

o.o Which part confuses you? The cyberdemon or the critter that's yelling at him or both?

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