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PSX custom Doom maps for PC

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while most maps in the playstation version of doom were originals from doom I + II there were also a few originals.

does anyone know if someone ever converted those custom PSXdoom maps them for the pc?

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The Console Doom maps are unfortunately unaccurate in certain areas. It's mostly there, but some stuff is just not there.

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Is there a list for which map is exactly from which console(s)? It seems they forget to mention that in the readme which comes with consoledoom.

I'm curious as I don't own a pile of consoles, just an old PSX and I played a bit Doom and Final Doom on it some time ago. Nice colored lights, but terrible frame rates and I badly missed the mouse. Trying to load the wads in the pc version was my first thought, and as you probably guess, it didn't work. ;)

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