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Why most textures look so green?

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Textures constantly seem greenish in most of the released screens. Especially, everywhere in a level in the lastest trailer ties with the same color scheme.Do you think if it's just the way they are supposed to be, or it's affected by lighting around the place?

More to the reason why I'm asking this, aside the fact that I'm concerned about the game, I've been trying to find another kind of texture to match with this color scheme since I am using a texture that looks a lot like Doom 3 in my level......

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I don't know what you mean about green (all i see is blues and greys? (and red for deathmatch, but you can't miss that) The lighting effects would be the best bet though, not the textures.

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Most of the screenshots we've seen are situated in a high-tech Mars base. 90 percent of what you see is metal, so it's only normal we're seeing loads of grey, green and blue. I don't think it's in any way related to the rendering system itself.

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