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Doom builder Sky change question

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Hmm, I don't think that's something Doom Builder can do. DB is a map editor, not a wad editor.

I would suggest XWE, but Deepsea and wintex would also be able to do this job.

You are talking about putting a new sky in the wad right?

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You mean the mapinfo, then?

map map01 "shadowrunner level name goes here"
sky1 sky2 0
next map02

There's lots more you can do with mapinfos, that's only an example....if that is indeed what you want to do.

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Uhh doom 2 map 13 isn't "Into Sandy City", I've never even heard of that.

And do you mean while your playing the level the sky suddenly changes? or that there is a different sky than all the other maps?

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Err... I think he's asking how to change the mapinfo lump in doom builder. If so just make it in a text document

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