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Spice Zdoom

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Spice Zdoom is an old port that still depends on zdoom v1.23 which allows you to play as one of the doom2 monsters excluding the Baron Of Hell, Pain Elemental, Archvile, SS Nazi, Commander Keen (Heh heh), Spider Mastermind, and Icon of Sin. Does anyone know if there's and updated version for zdoom 2.0.x or something. I had the zip file then lost it in a hard drive crash. So are there any links for it floating around anymore?

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Thanks guys. I forgot about this thread 'cause I have a short attention span... doesn't look likes its updated anymore.. oh well. btw. In the text file it says its for zdoom v1.22 but it works good n' normal with v1.23 at least for me. Someone should add it to the port section of the site its fun to turn infinite ammo, and notarget on and help the demons fight marines through multiplayer. heh

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