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Carnival Of Hell released!

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I have finally released my first Doom wad Carnival Of Hell. You can download it at my webiste http://www.hoodooguru.com/
It is obviously in the downloads section. You will need jDoom for the level to run correctly.
Tell me what you think of it please.

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Uh oh! Needs Jdoom to run? That'll sure cause a fuss. Anyways, I'm downloading it right now, I'll be back at some point to give some feedback.

Okay, my Jdoom is being really iffy right now, I'll have to play around with it before it's gonna run right, but as soon as I get that done I'll play through.

Okay, I never got Jdoom to run correctly, so I just played it in Zdoom and it worked just fine. All in all, I thought it was a pretty decent map. The design was pretty good, if a little underdetailed in parts. I think the best looking room was either the start room, or the ruined wood room, where the crushers come down when you hit the switch. Alot of the rooms seemed to just be connectors though, with little detail. The teleports in the opening room were pretty clever though, always having to watch your back whenever some new enemies came in there.

The biggest flaw in my opinion was the enemy placement. Often times they're just huddled in a big group behind a door. It gets irritating when everytime you open a door there's two revenants, a baron and some chaingunners behind it. You also overused arch-viles. I can count 8 from memory right now. It's not that they were incredibly difficult (the hidden one was kind of cool) it's just that they're mostly pointless. Most the time they're not even in a place where they can do any good, and the other times they're in places where their ressurection ability can completely screw you over. Most of what you did with the AV's could have been accomplished much more effectively with mancubii or barons of hell.

All in all, a pretty good first .wad I think. Detail is pretty good throughout, with some really nice looking places offset by bland hallways. The only actual error I noticed was that the walkway in the lava room (second room from the start) doesn't lower on Jdoom, but that might be a problem with the version I was using. The main problem is enemy placement, as I found ammo and health to be prett well balanced, but enough to get you through if you're semi careful about your shots. Just tone down the AV's and use some other enemies in their place, and find better spots for enemies than huddled behind doors, it would make it ten times funner.

Oh yeah, I played through on UV, so there may be fewer AVs on lower difficulties.

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