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NESDoom Megawad Idea

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Inspired by the NESDoom project, I had a simple idea. Everyone would make their own art and maps and stuff them into a wad and the wad would have to be UNDER 1 Meg or exactly at 1024 KB. Not even 1K over. And then we could have a community chest thing where they were all in one big wad.


Must have own GFX (NES-like is acceptable)

Wad must include at least 1 "MAP" entry (can be for any sourceport or game, as long as it's 1024K or less

[optional] You may include your own status bar gfx

You don't have to have your own custom flats or textures. but it'd be cool if you did

Anything else is allowed, but the stuff must remain within 1MB

So what do you think? Good idea or Bad idea?

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I may have missed the core of your suggestion here, but what would be the main point of doing this?

Fun to play?
Fun to watch?
Fun to make?
Challenge to make?

Can you post a sample of a sprite that pass these NES:ish rules?
What would be the main thing? Decreased size? Less amount of colors?

I think it's a fun idea.
Not a good idea, but fun...
If you give me some more rules and a sample, I might jump on the train and contribute with something.

By the way...
What WAS the old NES-DooM project?
Was is just a april fools joke, or did it actually exist?

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There actually were several attempts for a C64 version. ;)
It was covered on DigitalTalk (German Diskmag), but don't ask what issues. One clone I also found available on the internet somewhere, I don't remember the site right now.
Technically it is more similar to Wolfenstein 3D, with rectangle and textured walls, but no floor/ceiling heights. It's worth a look, and quite interesting seeing a C64 doing this. And you really can play it, even the fun won't last as long as with the real one of course.

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Both raycasting engines under Commodore 64/128. While more like Wolfenstein 3D in practice, they offer certain features that we didn't see until Doom. The first seems to be a tech demo, and doesn't look like true 2.5D(it has 12-stage turns instead of realtime). But it has some fantastic lighting effects, considering the limited palette. The second is a true playable demo(with an emulator). It has monsters, weapon switching, SFX, 360-degree turning and a pretty good keyboard setup.

Both projects are pretty much abandoned, despite the fact that they're fantastic examples of what the C64 can do. I'd love it if someone decided to pick up either of these projects-- I'd definitely sign up for art/design.

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