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deh lmp wad?

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is it advisable to insert my deh info into the wad file, from searching i'm aware that all the boomy ports should be able to handle it it's just that i dont know how (something about a lump editor or something?) and it scares me... my wads gonna have sprites, flats, texs and the map itself, i'm worried that if i have to use siz different utils to put all the different stuff in the wad that it'll get broken!

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Yes, put it in the WAD! Each time you don't put a .deh in a WAD God kills a kitten!

Just import it as a text file/raw format/whatever it's called in your editor and call it DEHACKED.

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Yes, you can use WinTex. However you have to fool it to load .deh (or any other files WinText doesn't know):

  • Open your wad
  • Go to Edit -> Load entry from file
  • In the pop-up box select COLORMAP in the drop-down list
  • Select your .deh file in the following dialog
  • Rename the COLORMAP lump in the WAD to DEHACKED

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that doesnt work, when i go edit->load entry from file it says "must select an entry first" or something similar. if i guru->new entry the drop down box only lists the names of sounds.

edit: ok i figured it out, the list depends on what i had selected before, so i created my colormap lump, loaded deh.deh into it and renamed it DEHACKED, prboom now exits with signal 11

but the original wad + deh file work when combined at runtime. the deh itself i made in whacked

edit 2: ok it works now, there was a bogus empty colormap lump when i reloaded it back in, i deleted that and it works ok!

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