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German magazine article completely false - id replies

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This from planetdoom.com

The german magazine PCGames Hardware has a quick Q&A with John Carmack in their latest issue. It’s very short, but there are a lot of new and unbelievable information.
A video card with at least 128MB RAM and Pixel Shader 1.1 support is required for DOOM 3.
A 2.5GHz CPU should be enough for the stencil shadows and physics calculations.
The testing phase might last till summer or even later this year.
DOOM 3 will be released on 4 CDs.
Last time we heard about the target system for DOOM 3 it was just a PC with a GeForce 3 class video card, but according to that Q&A it will be the minimum. Maybe we will find out more during the upcoming GDC.

Update: After reading this information, we asked id software for confirmation and they have replied saying that the information that appeared in the article is totally false and a fabrication on the magazine's part.

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