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ZDoom Transfer heights problem :(

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I have created a sector (tagged 232) with a floor height of -80 and I am transfering to that sector a height of -1 from a 'dummy' sector (tagged 501).
The effect is create a nukage pool with a surface height of -1 and a depth to -80. This seems to work okay but...

I then want to use scripting to raise the floor of the pool up to above the water level....here's what I'm doing...

//raise the real floor so that both floors (real and transfered are level)

Floor_RaiseByValue (232, 10, 79);

//remove damage

Sector_SetDamage (232, 0, 0);

//change flat to grill texture


Floor_RaiseByValue (232, 8, 17);
Floor_RaiseByValue (501, 8, 17);

..now this kinda works. The floor appears to be at the right height but the monsters appear to be wading around in the floor. If I raise the sector tagged 232 by a few more units the monsters then appear to be okay. So this would be my solution..But, before I have the main floor rise up, I have a center island rising up and if I use the trick of raising the actual sector a few extra units, then the lower textures on that island sector kinda mess in terms of vertical alignment :(

Any ideas?

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