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While I'm waiting...

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... for a certain person (*coughioricough* :P) to finish the icon artwork, I'm putting up a newer version of WhackEd2 for some testing. I honestly don't see why this version couldn't be used for your daily Dehacked work, given you do any of that, but it still carries the "Beta" insignia, so be careful. A backup of the saved file is automatically created.


So let me know what problems you encounter, and what you think could be done better\different.

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Hey you bastard! You said take your time! Ill have the icons to ya soon. And by soon I mean within this year hahaha

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The Edit menu contains no functions, so it's more of a place holder for now. And adding strings (or anything else for that matter) isn't supported by any source port at all so once again, they're just placeholders.

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