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Waltz with the Damned

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Okay guys, I've been working on a Doom-inspired story that will go beyond normal horror boundries. It has yet to reach that goal, but it is...quite detailed.
The main guy (the guy who is the Doomguy of this novel; we meet him in chapter one) does have his moments where he stumbles a bit. For example, if he sees a large cyborg baddie with a neutron beam cannon and all he has is a kinetic pistol, he'll run. Of course, common sense leads to that, no?
The Prolouge and Chapt 1 just sets the background. Chapt 2, however, sets the tone. I'll post Chapt 3 as soon as it's done.

Waltz with the Damned

PROLOUGE: The Beginning

Earth: 2097
October 13th

The rain was falling hard as Major Tagg drove into the facility. Unlike the few other military facilities around, this one was top secret. Only few knew of its existence, and fewer still knew about the other one on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. He parked near the entrance, and strode in, the rain smashing his rain suit like bullets hitting armor.
Major Tagg reached the first checkpoint, and an officer with no nametag asked him for his ID. Tagg gave it to him, and the officer gave him clearance to enter the facility, also giving Tagg his ID in the process.
Tagg walked around the hallways, coming along various security checkpoints and giving countless, no-named officers his ID. After about three minutes of walking, he came upon the main section of the facility.
Tagg, walking in a silent manner, came up to one of the scientists hunched over a computer monitor showing readings being transmitted on the “artifact” there. Tagg stayed for a brief moment, and then left the man to his work. There was someone else he wanted to see.
Another scientist was watching the main computer screen, which was about 30” wide and 40” tall, mounted on the wall. She was sitting, taking notes to herself. She appeared about 32, half Russian and half German, was approximately 5’ 7”, and about 153 lbs. She was dressed as the rest were, in a lab coat. Tagg sat down next to her
She didn’t even flutter an eyelash at his presence.
“Well, Miss Kingsley. How goes the ‘research’ on the artifact on Titan? Has the Titan team made any breakthroughs on its purpose?”
Kingsley didn’t move her eyes away from the data streaming across the large screen. “I told you last time, Major Tagg, that artifact is most likely not a weapon we can use. I’m sorry, but that must ruin your whole trip here, doesn’t it?”
Tagg gave her a stern look. “Now you just listen, Miss Kingsley. I don’t care if that thing isn’t a goddanged weapon. You better make it into one if you expect the military to keep funding it or to even keep it a secret. I’m sure the public would love to know what you and the Titan team are doing. Wouldn’t they, Miss?”
“Of course, Major Tagg.” Kingsley shot back. “After all, it could be the greatest discovery in the history of humankind, and you want to use it for destructive purposes. I’d love to see how the public would act on that knowledge.” She smirked, and continued making notes.
“Good. As long as we understand each other, Miss.” Tagg turned away from her and towards the screen, a slight look of aggravation on his face. “So, what do you think it is?”
Kingsley shifted her weight, and pulled down her dress skirt under the coat just a little. “Well, the large, ring-shaped structure seems to encircle a small dimensional…’weak spot’, if you will. Let us suppose that it is a device that can cause the dimensional boundaries of our universe to split and create a dimensional rift between our universe and another—“
Major Tagg became quite annoyed rather quickly with Kingsley’s scientific babble. “Um, Miss Kinsley? English would help out just a little bit here.”
Kinsley smiled, enjoying the fact that Major Tagg was annoyed that he didn’t understand her. “Basically, Major Tagg, it’s a gateway too another dimension.”
Major Tagg thought this over for a moment, pondering what military uses it could provide. “Is there any possibility that it could be beneficial to the military?”
Kingsley nodded slightly. “It’s quite possible a much more efficient jump-engine could be produced from the knowledge gained from the artifact. But if you want a direct answer, you would have to wait until I return from Titan.”
Tagg looked at her in slight confusion. “You’re going to Titan? When did you decide that?”
Kingsley looked away from the screen and directly at him. “Ever since we met, Major Tagg.” She then got up, taking her datapad, and walked away towards her facility quarters.
A few moments later, Major Tagg stood up and brushed the wrinkles off his uniform. “So it would seem, Miss.”


October 22nd

“I still don’t understand why in the hell you decided to come along. One of the main points of my journey to Titan was for you not to be in the goddamned picture, Major.”
Flustered, Kingsley walked off the transport craft, followed by a seemingly bright Major Tagg, who was quite happy that Kingsley wasn’t happy.
“Miss Kingsley, I know I don’t need to remind you that this is a military funded—“
Kingsley turned around and looked him dead in the eye. “Shove it, asshole. I’ve heard the whole damn thing somewhere between once and one too many times, and that’s enough for me. Now, make yourself useful and hide in some dark corner.”
She turned away and stormed to the research facility, Tagg following a distance behind her muttering dryly “Isn’t it good to be loved?”

Sergeant Bryan T. Halberet, decked out in usual perimeter security armor, watched the new arrivals with mute interest. Standing about 6’ 6”, and about 210 lbs. of pure muscle, he had been assigned as the commander of the outer-perimeter security teams. It had been almost a year since any visitors had come, and it had gotten dull after a while.
He made sure his sleek-black hair was to military regulation standards, and then put on his enviro-helmet, stepping outside the envirosphere of the facility. A few moments later, he passed Miss Kingsley, followed by Major Tagg. He observed the first’s obvious anger and the second’s obvious smugness, and determined that the two didn’t like each other very much.
Not paying any more attention to them, Halberet continued out, checking for any security hazards. This took almost five minutes, since most of the facility was buried in a mountain. During this time, Kingsley and Tagg we’re busy going through the security checkpoints within the base itself. He continued his parameter duty for another twenty-five minutes, and then was relieved by another officer. Since the security force around the facility was large, he didn’t have to walk on the bland, bleak surface of Titan any more that he liked to.
After re-entering the facility biosphere and the facility door, Halberet entered the officer’s area, comprised of mostly of what any soldier could want: if they didn’t like time off, that is.
Halberet, entering the lounge, set his helmet down, and sat around for a while, watching the several security cams that we’re being monitored. Taking a cigarette from his pack and lighting it, he watched Kingsley and Tagg discuss (or rather, ague) about the artifact. Since this base was a top-secret facility, he couldn’t hear what they we’re saying. Didn’t matter to him, though. As long as nothing bad happened, he couldn’t care less.
“Hey, Sergeant Hal? Do ya’ think they’ve finally figured out what the heck that things is they have down ‘der?”
Halberet turned to his friend, Sergeant William J. Mykenns. “We’ll, John, I don’t know. She’s obviously somebody from the Earth Team. Knowing her, she’s probably just like the rest of her group: they want to see the damn thing in person.”
“But,” Halberet continued. “My guess is that she’s the head of ops on the Earth Team. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be seeing good old Major Tagg around her, now would we, John?”
“Hehe, good one Hal. I’m sure that ol’ Tagg’s just trying to dig out some more info on the whole damn thing.” Mykenns took one last puff from his short cigarette and threw it down, crushing it under his boot. “Well, Hal, I’m off for parameter duty. See ya in a bit.”
“Hey, John.” Halberet got his helmet, spitting out his cigarette and crushing it in the process. “How about I go ahead and do the parameter duty for you? If they get outta there early, I don’t want to hear them arguing. After all, Tagg can be a bitch sometimes when he doesn’t get thing’s his way, and you know I hate it when he bitches.”
“Haha, sure thang, Hal. I wanna get a good look at her anyways. Not often a woman comes to these parts…” Mykenns sat down in front of the veiwscreen.
“Hey now, John” Halberet said, smiling. “Don’t get your hopes up. Those scientists don’t notice us normal military men.”
“How true, how true.” Mykenns said, sighing. “Didn’t you say you had parameter duty?”
“Sure thing, J.” Halberet put on his helmet and set back out onto the cold surface of Titan.

“Dr. Kingsley? I think we have the sixth symbol decoded.”
Kingsley turned to Dr. Ray Kantoww, one of the most intelligent scientists she had ever met, and the head of the Titan research team. She eyed him closely.
“The final symbol has been decoded?” She replied.
“Yes, Dr. Kingsley. Our assumption was correct—the destination point designated by the symbols is not within our dimensional boundaries. However…we cannot determine where it leads. I suggest we activate it directly and send in a probe.”
Kingsley thought it over for a few moments, considering the options she had. She decided that it would be the best option to do as Kantoww had suggested.
“Very well. Dr. Kantoww, get your envirosuit ready. Since your team finished the code, you’ll be the one to open the gate.”
“No,” replied Dr. Kantoww. “You came here to help. Your expertise has helped us finish this in a few minutes, whereas alone we could have taken a day. I say that you go and be the one.”
Kingsley blushed slightly at his compliment. “Thank you, Dr. Kantoww…I am honored to do such.”

Within a few minutes, Dr. Kingsley had entered the small area in which the Gateway was. Since the scientists were unsure how the Gateway would react to a changed environment, they kept it at the environmental conditions it was found in. This made an envirosuit a priority when in close proximity to the Gateway.
She stepped towards the pedestal near it, covered with slabs of stone. In each stone a strange symbol was engraved. Each represented a system of coordinates that were used to locate the destination point.
Kingsley hovered over the pedestal for a moment. “Is the Gate powered and ready to be activated?” She said, looking at the fiber-optic lines that were connected to the pedestal and the Gateway.
She saw Kantoww, inside the study area protected by transparent steel, bent over a console. He then tapped on his commlink. “Everything’s a go, Dr. Kingsley. Proceed when ready.”
“Affirmative, Dr. Kantoww. Entering symbols into Dialing Pedestal.” She began pressing down on the symbols. Each one she pressed, the symbol glowed red and the Gateway began matching the symbol with the correct order in which it was placed.
Kingsley pressed the last one and stepped back from the pedestal. “Coordinates successfully inputted into the Dialing Pedestal. Gateway synchronization almost complete…”
The Gateway finally lined up the last symbol, and with that, a red spray of energy leapt from the gate-ring and hit the dimensional rift, causing a vortex of energy to form. The red energies bathed the room in a red hue.
Kingsley, eyes wide, said, “Gateway open.”
“Dr. Kingsley, we’re getting readings from the Gateway,” said a panicked Dr. Kantoww. “Energy levels are going off the scale…radiation levels critical…get out off there! Get out---“
His words we’re cut off when a beam of red and gold energy leapt from the center of the vortex, smashing directly into Dr. Kingsley. The energy beam continued, sending her through the transparent steel as if it were nothing. It then split, covering everything mechanical and even the personnel, covering everything in a wash of energy.

“What the fuck?” muttered a puzzled Halberet as he began feeling, and hearing, a quake. “Titan doesn’t have—“
He turned his attention to the facility. A gold and red aura had formed around it, and a feeling of dread filled the combat veteran, who had fought during two civil wars and had done his job without question. A kind of dread that one could not ignore…
The aura disappeared, and the quake subsided. All was quite.
Halberet tapped his commlink. “Chevron Facility, this is Sergeant Bryan Tiberius Halberet of your Perimeter Defense Force. What is your situation, over?”
Static. And silence.
“Chevron Facility, this is Sergeant Halberet. Do you copy, over?”
More static…and still no response.
“What the hell…” Halberet muttered to himself. “Looks like I’ll have to check it out for myself.”
Halberet began walking toward the compound, clutching his trusty automatic kinetic pistol in his left hand, and his right hand ready to bring out his combat blade from its sheath.
He felt the atmospheric conditions change as he entered the envirosphere. A moment later, he was at the front door of the facility. The only door leading outside.
Straightening his left arm and putting the palm of his right hand against the butt of the gun-handle, he tapped the door activation button. The door quickly rushed open, and he quickly steeped inside, leveling his gun with his left eye.
The door shut with a slight hiss. He looked around a little bit, and then continued into the lounge area, adrenaline rushing through his veins and his heart racing as the silence continued to pound into his ears.
He entered the lounge area, which was where he left Mykenns to monitor the rest of the station. However, looking into the lounge, Halberet discovered that not only had Mykenns disappeared, but also all the monitors produced static, as if the cameras had been knocked out.
“Hello? Is there anyone in here?” Although Halberet had combat experience, he had been taught one thing during those experiences: silence meant that something was wrong on the field of battle. And something was definitely wrong here.
Halberet blinked, as there was a light thump behind him. Turning around and facing the direction it came, Halberet was stunned at what he saw…horrified, even, at the thing before him.
In front of him, about a yard or so away, stood a human. Or something that was human. To Halberet, it looked like Sergeant Mykenns…only hellishly twisted. It had Mykenns body, but not his soul. The whites of its eyes were gold, the rest blood red. The lips had somehow rotted off, and now bared all of his teeth. Except these were sharpened…for what one can only guess.
The thing carried a pistol in its right hand, and nothing in its left. It was slightly hunched over, looking at Halberet like he was different…perhaps prey. The Former Mykenns lunged towards Halberet, intent on knocking him down on his back.
Halberet, in sudden panic and fear from what his friend had become, feel backwards before the Former Mykenns reached him. As the Former Mykenns flew over him, however, Halberet did squeeze off two pistol shots into the things chest.
The Former Mykenns landed about 2 feet behind Halberet, who was trying to get up off the ground. As Halberet got off the ground and turned to his Former friend, the Former Mykenns rolled over and got up, still hunched over, still looking at Halberet as if he were nothing more than freshly baked meat.
Thankfully for Halberet, fate intervened. For another Marine, changed as Mykenns had and as all the rest in the facility had, appeared about five yards behind the Former Mykenns after hearing the two gunshots produced by Halberets pistol. Also seeing Halberet as food, the Former Marine leveled his pistol and shot.
Of course, the dumb thing didn’t take into account the fact that the Former Mykenns was directly between him and Halberet. And thus, the bullet intended for Halberet hit the Former Mykenns just below his left rib.
The Former Mykenns, forgetting about Halberet for the moment, turned towards the Former Marine and snarled. The Former Marine dumbly looked at him funny. Then the Former Mykenns leapt forward and landed on top of the Former Marine, causing the Former Marine to pinch off another shot into the Former Mykenns chest.
Howling in apparent pain, the Former Mykenns head reared back, and then it opened its mouth and clamped down on the Former Marines throat. The Former Marines howling as the Former Mykenns teeth dug into its throat was cut off when the Former Mykenns ripped its throat out with its mouth. The Former Mykenns then chewed it quickly and ate it just as quickly.
As the dying Former Marine continued to gurgle in pain (due to the fact its throat was gone), the Former Mykenns placed its left hand over the face of the Former Marine, digging his fingertips deep into the Former Marines head and ripped its face and the front of its skull of, revealing the soft, pink brain underneath. The Former Mykenns then happily began munching down on the Former Marines said brain.
As all this happened, Halberet could only watch in horror as the thought of what everyone on the base had become crossed his mind. The fact that all of his friends…everyone here…had become cannibalistic zombies…the fact froze him. He stood there; unable to move as his Former friend, the Former Mykenns, devoured the Former Marines brain as if it were his favorite meal.
After a few moments, the apparently hungry Former Mykenns got up and burped quite loudly apparently satisfied with its meal. Turning around, having not forgotten Halberet, it seemed to be looking at possible dessert.
Halberet, knocked out of his shock, began to fall back into his soldier self, as he did when he fought in the civil wars. All emotion left him, and everything but his target left his mind. He leveled his gun as the Former Mykenns hissed at him, preparing to leap.
The Former Mykenns crouched down as it began to leap. But as it did, Halberet took action.
A gunshot rang out in the lounge…blood and brains flew from the back of the Former Mykenns head…smoke left the barrel of the kinetic pistol Halberet was carrying…and the dead Former Mykenns fell to the ground, landing on top of the Former Marine that became his last meal.
Silence decked the halls. Halberet listened for any sound that would alert him to the presence of any other Former Marines in the vicinity. There were none.
Halberet walked up to the two bodies. He looked at the Former Mykenns, and then bent over took the pistol and all the rounds both bodies carried. He knew he would need them if he was going to get to the bottom of this mystery.
He straightened back up and began walking. He needed better firepower, and the weapon lockers was his next destination.

Chapter II: The Outer Halls

During his short trip to the weapon lockers, Halberet encountered two Former security officers, who he dealt with quickly, and one Former Marine who wasn’t armed. He dealt with the Marine quite quickly as well, although the Former Marine almost got close enough to claw him with elongated, pointed fingers.
When he got there, he noticed something very strange. The door to the weapons locker had been knocked out of its hinges, but the door itself was slightly melted, as if a powerful burst of fire had knocked it over.
Leveling his gun, Halberet stepped up towards the door…and went through.
Quickly surveying the area, he found no apparent hostiles. He went over to one of the lockers and tried to open it. He jangled the door a few times, and found it was locked. “Of course,” he muttered. He took on of the pistols and shot the handle, causing the door to come undone from the lock. He swung the door open, and began picking out what he needed.
He slipped on a security vest, a strap carrying six standard grenades, combat gloves, kneepads, and elbowpads. He then got an extra holster and slipped it on, then placing both kinetic pistols in their respective holsters.
He then got the workhorse weapon of every standard Marine: the double-barreled, over-under style Heavy Shotgun. Though not as powerful as the Scattershot side-by-side style shogun, the Heavy Shotgun was used for brute force at close- to medium-combat range. He got 48 shells and placed them in as few pockets as he could, since the Heavy Shotgun could only carry two at a time and since he had limited pocket space. He also got himself a riot shield, just in case he ran out of ammo in a tight spot.
Carrying the Heavy Shotgun in his left hand, and the Riot Shield on his back, Halberet left the weapon lockers area and proceeded to the first security checkpoint. He leveled the shotgun, prepped for anything.
As he continued to walk down the hall, his ears kept picking up skittering noises. He decided not to mind them, since they were still far away. He stopped, however, when he heard human-like breathing. He looked around the corner (which was shrouded in shadow), looking at the first security checkpoint, and saw them.
One was the Former Security Officer assigned to the post. He was carrying a standard kinetic pistol. His, however, had a silencer. Halberet knew he might need that. Plus, he had a few stimpacks that Halberet figured might be needed when he gets injured and there’s no medical supplies around.
The other was a much bigger threat than the Former Security Officer. Standing in full security armor, decked out in a similar fashion to what Halberet was wearing, was the Sergeant assigned to act as the security guard. He carried a shotgun, as well as a taser. He could be a bigger threat, Halberet thought.
As Halberet aimed at the Sergeants head, he thought, He may be my biggest concern…but there might be something worse on the other side. And if I attract whatever’s on the other side over here…
Halberet decided to forget that though as he pulled the trigger. The end of the top barrel exploded with heat and fire as the large shell was blasted out of the shotgun. Nearly a half second later, the shell slammed into the Former Sergeants head, spattering the creatures’ brains all over the door.
The Former Security Officer, seeing the light from the blast, fired in Halberets direction. Halberet dodged it quickly, consequently moving himself out of the shadow of the corner. He quickly aimed and shot the second shell just as the Former Security Officer leveled its arm to fire. A nice chunk of the Former Security Officers skull shattered into a million pieces and separated from the rest of the skull, killing it instantly.
Halberet quickly opened the stock of the Shotgun and pulled out the two spent shells, replacing them with new ones. He did this in almost three seconds, which was just long enough for the door to open.
Halberet looked up again and saw something definitely not human. It had dark, brown skin with some spikes protruding out of joints, such as the shoulders. It had only three fingers and toes, and two red eyes. It was very muscular, and had four rows of razor sharp teeth and a long, thick, red tongue.
Halberet froze for just a moment as the knowledge sunk in that other creatures, ones that quite possibly came through the Gateway, had already infiltrated even the outer halls of the facility. He then level his gun and, against combat knowledge, shot the thing directly in the chest.
This shot would have gutted a human being, leaving him to die in a few minutes. However, this creature simply grunted a slightly painful grunt, bled a little from the small hole the shell made, and then looked at Halberet. It made a high pitch roar, and then charged at him with the intent to kill.
Halberet quickly re-aimed, and shot at the Imps head. Red and purple goo shot out of the back of the Imps skull, and a the same fluid began to leak out of the entry point as the creature fell over on its face. Halberet re-loaded, knowing that now he had forty-six shotgun rounds left. After discarding the two used shells, he made a note to himself to never shoot unknown hostiles in the chest ever again, and then continued on past the first security checkpoint.
Halberet continued in this manner, going through security checkpoint after security checkpoint, taking down the Formers and the Imps, and general ass kicking. Yet he was not through the outer halls just yet.
As he reached the final, tenth Security Checkpoint, Halberet realized that the way was blocked. Not only were there no Formers or Imps around, but the door was also covered in red and pink organic tissue that seemed to lock the door in place. He pumped two shotgun shells into the tissue, but each one was flattened on impact and fell to the ground. Neither had the power to penetrate it.
“Great,” he muttered. “Looks like I’ll have to go through scientist quarters and find a backdoor. More outer hallway work…”
After backtracking his way to the first security checkpoint, he took a left into a set of double doors. Behind those doors was a large, lounge like area for the scientists. Here, they would have normally monitored the Gateway, done calculations, hypothesized, discussed, or just sit. But, as the officers lounge had been, the scientists lounge was dead quite. All except for the hum of computers…
It was that sound that interested Halberet. Knowing that most of the scientist would have been busy near or at the Gateway observational area inside the inner sections of the facility, he didn’t think that he had to worry about any Formers.
However, he had not thought about Imps. And, as he learned when he began walking through the lounge, there were plenty to take aim at.
The Imps suddenly came out of nowhere. There were about nine of them, hissing and snarling. He had learned earlier that they had the ability to somehow form energy spheres that produced fire. That was their long-range assault weapon. And the Imps were not afraid to use it.
Three of the Imps; the ones at the front of the group, each charged up one fireball and threw it at Halberet, who had just leveled his shotgun to shoot the hostiles.
He quickly fired his two loaded shells and quickly dodged the moving fireballs. One of his shots smashed an Imp in the face, spraying the Imp behind it with blood and brains.
The other shot, however, missed its intended target and instead nearly severed the target Imps left arm. Howling, the Imp brought its right hand towards the few pieces of muscle holding the useless arm to the shoulder. It began to form a fireball where what little was left of the bicep was. Howling even louder, it burned away all the tissue until the arm fell to the ground and the wound cauterized. It then dispersed the fireball and hissed in pain and rage at Halberet.
Meanwhile, the other Imps had formed a line, and all were happily throwing nasty fireballs at Halberet. He did his best just to makes sure the only thing being melted was the wall.
Halberet continued slugging shells at them, and they continued throwing fireballs at him, until he finally took down the last of them. Knowing that he had now only nine left, he loaded two more and quickly wished he could find more weapon lockers.
Turning his attention back to the computers, he looked at one of the computers in the lounge. Everything looked alright…except the entire screen was filled with lines of code, both vertical and horizontal. Not only that, but the code wasn’t in standard zeros and ones, but in strange symbols. They were obviously not of human design, however.
Halberet continued patrolling the area, looking for anything that wasn’t hacked by whatever had taken control of the people and the facility here. He finally found a small computer terminal, and tried to access a map.
He found one of the outer halls, and had just finished downloading it onto his envirosuits memory when the screen began to glow gold and red. He stepped away from the computer, not knowing what to do.
A beam of energy similar to the one that leapt from the Gateway shot out from the computer monitor and smashed into Halberet, sending him flying into a wall. The blast was temporary, but he was stunned for a brief moment. The computer terminal then began spitting out similar lines of code as the rest of the computers in the lounge.
“Ow…fuck,” Halberet cried quietly, slightly annoyed at the event that just took place. “What’s a guy got to do to get any goddamned help around here?” He groaned, and then pulled himself off the floor, rubbing his chest.
Knowing that there was nothing more for him to do here, he went over to the secret door, shot it open, and stepped out of the scientists lounge and into the inner halls.

Questions and comments are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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