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Lil' SkullTag help please

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I just got skulltag and it looks friggin awesome...but whats up with the bots..they dont do anything.....And i see pages that talk about how good the bots were...any one know of a previous version of skulltag that has working bots???

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The bots used to exist but they got taken back out, presumably to be overhauled. They are slated to reappear in version 0.96. I believe the last version that had bots was 0.92 (could be wrong) but I don't know if it's available anymore.

This is a commonly asked question, by the way.

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i know it was commonly asked...lol i just a saw like 10 posts about this thread...any way .92 is hard to find..they dont show anything under version under 95.. o well..i hope 96 comes out soon

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