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Converting demos to video files

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LMP files contain no video\audio data. The only way to get that is to use a program like Fraps (Google it) to cpature every frame of the demo and save it to a file, and later merge the individual image files inot one .AVI or .MPG file with another program (TMPGEnc or probably some other better program).

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Current version of FRAPS has sound, too. Shareware version is limited though... but I don't know to what extent.

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I have a source port written by Dashiva that can output Doom/Doom2 demos to video files... I haven't used it myself but apparently some other people who I've recommended it to have liked it, so, look and see:

LMPtoss (554k)

Should come with a txt file.

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Bloodshedder said:

Well, you'll need a suitable codec that you want to use, but VirtualDub can do the compressing.

Actually, google.com/search?&q=avi%20to%20mpeg]Google worked :P

Unconscious_Forever said:

that works fine, but can u set it so it doesn't record you starting up the game, or shall i just delete these frames?

Deleting them will do.

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