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Which version of Memento Mori is the "correct" one?

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I want to download Memento Mori but there are all these different files, which one should I download? ~_~

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There is no "false" versions of Memento Mori.

The difference is merely how the files are packaged. Back in the days when Memento Mori was released many people had crappy modem connections and floppy disks were still in widespread use. Therefore Memento Mori was packaged in three seperate files that would each fit on a high-density floppy disk.

There are also an "all in one download" package called mm_allup.zip

This is the one you are looking for as it will spare you for all that "split up .zip file stuff".

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uhhmm, what? Glide enhanced? Glide went out with 3Dfx ages ago. Besides, there weren't any source ports when Memento Mori was released.

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Piezo said:

What about the glide enhanced version?

Never has a response been more deserving of a "what" than this.

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Heck, I was told to get the glide enhanced version by someone on DC. Maybe they meant use a port that has a glide enhanced mode. I didn't even know there was a port that supported glide.
Edit: Before I can even reply...Well, if you're talking about Legacy's openGL mode, I love it, but I always set the texture filter to nearest, instead of bilinear or trilinear, which makes it look blurry. I also turn off the fog, so the only thing different is that I have full mlook, 32bit video mode, and coronas. I think it looks awesome, except for the occasional missing walls :P There is a program that will patch most of the missing walls when viewed in openGL mode in Legacy, but it has to edit the pwad to do it.

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