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Well, it was bound to occur at some time or other. But they could have given some prior warning.
At 3:30 AM, this morning, on July 12, 2133, the demons landed. You thought you'd killed them all, but it seems like you were wrong. Dead wrong. You just temporarily held them at bay.
They landed in the middle of the city, teleporting in from the Nether-realm, and arrivng in their bio-mechanical ships. They laid waste to the city. Great fires flattened several buildings, and since then demons have been killing and maiming person after person. The National Guard was called in, but they didn't even put a dent in the flood of evil. They, too, were killed. The city now, at 8:00, lies in ruin. Fires still run rampant, as do the demons, as they kill what few surviors there are. You're one of them. You suited up in your combat armor, and grabbed your sawed-off combat shotgun and strapped 30 shells of ammo around your waist. These bastards are gonna pay dearly.
Walking down the street, you see a zombie citizen eating another dead person alive. A cry escapes your throat. You aim your SG, and fire. Your first, and not last, kill.
Hours later, after firing and killing, firing and killing, you arrive at the Portal. You step in.....

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