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Need Doombuilder Config help

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DoomBuilder looks like a winner. Easiest interface and building I ever seen in 10 years.

One big problem I can't get past...making the map run.

I'm using Hexen.

No problem following the simple prompts to find the exe or the wad.

When I say Run game though my map doesn't start the game map does.

I think my problem is in the configuration testing parameters.
I'm no code guy and all I see is %this and %that. I'm sure it's written properly but I don't get it. In fact to me it looks like there is extraneous and repetitive data in that line. I know that ain't the case so I'm wondering if someone can explain it further.



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the map name doesn't matter at all. It is possible to have a map name of IHJLHJ34 and still have it build nodes.

F5 -> Nodebuilding tab -> dropdown menu with 5 nodebuilder choices -> choose zennode (normal or no reject)

or use another hexen map nodebuilder as the dropdown list only has a short list of presets which are most used.

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Thanks KoRn.

Here is an update. I loaded my Hexen map made in 1996 and it compiles and runs fine. I'm really confused now.

What's the minimum needed by Doombuilder to make a map?
I have two rooms and a playerstart. I really want to find what's going on

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