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playing demos.

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hi. these demo things look cool. unfortuneatly i dont know how to play them. do i need a special program or something. please let me know

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http://www.doom2.net/compet-n/index.cgi download what you'd like to see.
install prboom2.2.4: http://sourceforge.net/projects/prboom/
put your Iwad (the doom(2).wad file in your DOOM install directory) into the prboom directory
unzip the downloaded demo and put it in your prboom directory
there are many ways to execute a command-line, since I don't know your OS (I am assuming windows-something), open a command prompt(cmd or ms-dos prompt) and navigate to your prboom directory and type:
prboom -iwad doom2.wad -playdemo demoname.lmp
http://www.doomworld.com/sda/examples.txt are some examples to help you understand.

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