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gates to hell

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awakeing eight hours later you hear a distant rumble as the lights get dimmer. Soon the rumble ends and all returns to normal but with the quite fallow the distant screams of the creatures. Geting up on your feet you throw on your armor and finish packing you supplies. As you exit the room you hear something enter in the door on your left. Two imps, a demon and something freak'n huge come in. The two imps begin to grab and push one of the many large computers that sit in the corner of the huge lab. The other large beast roars and places something small yet similar to the alien devices you have seen all over the base. It seems to be programing the object with a portable key pad as the other two put wires from the wall and computer to it. Suddenly the demon sees and smells you. The other quickly drop what they are doing and prepar for attack. pulling out your hand weapon you fire at the two imps and the behmoth as they run towards you. Hitting the imp in the head you reload and fall back behind a over turned desk. jummping up to see the horrible visage of the imp you fire up into its gut. The bullet rips threw its body and exits makeing a large hole in the top of its head. The other then tosses a heated ball similar to the imps yet green. It impacats with the top of the table throwing chunks of hot wood and plasma. with out warning the demon rams you in the side knocking you 10 feet into the open lab. wounded you fall but before you pass out the creature grabbs you by the legs and begins to drag you.

Awaking in a well lite room, with some damage in various places, you realize the danger you are in.
"Why didn't it kill and eat me?"
as your vision and head get better you see that you are in a small cell with a glass window in front of you. The large room beyond has similar cells across from yours. You see a few people inside. From your point of view there are 4 scientist and about 8 to 10 soldiers still alive. Suddenly on the other side there is a loud rumbling sound and a bright blue and red light.
"THE GATEWAY!!!" you scream as you put your hands on the glass to see more of the room. One of the large beast that you now call barons is at a control station infront of the large square gateway. Six imps and several demos are also in the rooms. A few dead bodies lie in front of the gate and the control station. To your horror another of those cyber freaks is doing something to a scientist. calling the beast a cyber spider you watch as it beats the scientis and finaly blast him with its plasma cannon. The rummbleing grows louder and then it is fallowed by a roar from with in. A ten foot tall, brow, metal, horned, and stright evil creature comes through. the others apear to bow to the beast. It then mutters something alien and the baron begins to move towards the cell that is accross from you. He grabs a soldier, who is hideing something in his hands, and throws him at the feet of the creature. The bastard picks him up and says "Yoouu... huumans.. we are better. youu are foood." the soldier pulls out a thermal gernade and shoves it in the wire and metal mess of the creatures stomache. "I may die but you will never get earth" are his last words as the beast smashes him. Then it explodes and kills the others in the room. With the demons dead you begin to atempt to smash the window with your fist. You then realize the creatures never took off you ammo pack and your shotgun. takeing the shotgun you fire at the window smashing it open. Walking out into the burned room the fire protection sytem is spraying a foul smelling chemical and warning lights flash red. you then release the others trapped in their cells. A scientis says" the gate may be damaged but they can fix it or build a new one else where. We must leave before more come. If we are to stop this we got to take out the reactor deep in the core." Without more thought you and the small team destroy the gate and controls and make your way to the heart of the base, the reactor.

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I'm enjoying the progression in your story. The only question I have is concerning the large beast you referred to. It sounded like you were talking about a Cyberdemon... the only problem would be that they would be closer to 20 feet tall than 10...

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These are how tall I think the monsters are.

Marine (Hes not a monster though):5'4


Shotgun Guy:5'3




/Me skips alot of monsters


there we go.

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The zombies are about 5'7" and the Cyb is 13'4". The Spider is about 9 feet tall, weighs about 15 tons, and is about 20' wide.

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Crap and a half... am I going to have to extract all the sprites to come up with a list of how tall every creature is? Geez... ok... for the sake of arguement (and to help with size approximation) does anyone disagree with saying the marine is 6 foot even? And don't take up room on this thread disagreeing... if you thing he is taller/shorter email me ( EllipsusD@yahoo.com ) and I'll use the average of what people say. I'll edit this reply with the heights when I get them done.
Now that that's been taken care of, we can all focus on replying to the story and not height opinions.

After comparing the pixel sizes of the character sprites and comparing them to feet, I have come up with a very accurate list of character heights:

The Doomguy is the base size of 6 feet.

The Zombies are 5 foot 11 inches each, the exception being the Chaingunner, who is 6'5".

The Imp came in at 6 foot as well, but would probably be more like 6'2" if it's posture wasn't so bad.

Another short guy is the Arachnatron, only measuring 5'11".

The Demon is 6'3" while the Lost Soul (which I am convinced is a Demon skull) is a whopping 4'5".

The Cacodemon is also 6'3", while Red_Warrior's cute little Pain Elemental is just an inch shorter.

My personal favorite, the Mancubus, is a fair 7 feet tall.

Doom's first boss, the Baron of Hell, and the Hell Knights are both 7'11", nearly two feet taller than the hapless marine.

Undoubtable the most dis-proportionate enemy in the game, the Revenant managed to pull 9'5". A more reasonable Archvile came in at 8 feet even.

The nightmare that is the Cyberdemon... The beast that towers over all other enemies... I was surprised and disappointed to find out he was a measly 11'7".

The biggest of them all is the Spider Mastermind. This big guy pulled in at 11'9", and is an amazing 20'11" wide.

Well, there you have it. I doubt you can find a more accurate listing from anyone save the guys at id. Have fun.

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