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Gabe Newell Ported the windows version of Doom?

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Q - How did you become involved in the gaming industry and why first person shooters?

I got involved in the gaming industry when I was working on Windows back in the old days of DOS extenders and config.sys hacked boot disks. It was common wisdom that it wasn't possible to write a good game in Windows because of, well, unnamed technical reasons. This was annoying, so I decided that we would find the most technically advanced PC game and port it to Windows to show that there wasn't any reason for games not to be Windows apps. At the time, the shareware version of Doom had just come out, so I contacted John Carmack and Jay Wilber at id and offered to port it to Windows and give them back the code for free. I kept in touch after the project, and when a fellow Microsoftie, Michael Abrash, went to id, he kept telling Mike Harrington (the other founder) and I how cool working on games was. This was about the time Microsoft was making the transition from cool, agile software company that was whipping IBM's butt, to Evil Empire status, so working on games kept sounding more and more attractive.

Did he just say he ported Doom to Windows? I didn't know that. I was at planethalflife just for shits and giggles when I saw the news about an Interview with Gabe Newell about Half Life 2. Here's the link to the interview


(I should go for a walk in the rain with him. I love being in the rain fishing, walking, riding bike. Well pretty much everything in the rain... Then I'll kick his ass)

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Windows® 95 version by Fred Hommel and Roger Weiss

MIDI code crafted by Jungle Jim Geist

Digital joystick support by Marcus Andrews

Orchestrated by Alex St. John

Kudos to Craig Eisler, Eric Engstrom and Todd Laney

Grudging respect to Robert Hess

Additional assistance by Monolith, Inc.

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well that article talks about the shareware which came out in late 1993, which is before windows 95 (though not too much before it), and certainly before Dooom95, but I'd assume he'd not port it to an unreleased OS but to win3.x, which wouldn't entail quite as much work (getting it to run in a window mainly, win3.x is just shell). The step from dos to win95 is a bigger one and also if Gabe did in fact port it to Windows native then the port would be owned by MS (unless he did it on his own time, unlikley) and I doubt the then-young id would want to distribute that.

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I came across a version of WinDOOM which should be the one in question here. Check the 4th post, by CheapAlert, for a link to the '94 port itself.

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Ah so he ported it to NT then, very interesting, thanks myk

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