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Just when you think I'm crazy, I come out with a fan fic!

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It has no title yet and I made it in the past hour. Its one of those spur of the moment sort of things. ^_^ I might actually finish this.


Through the dark halls of the deepest pits of hell, shots rang out and echoed amongst the solid walls. Yet through all this, amongst the masses of demon corpses one struggled for life. Clawed hands dug at the bloodstained floors, dragging the broken body towards another of his kind. He pushed others aside, letting their broken bodies rest into disfigured puddles not far away.

Once the demon neared the largest of the masses, he did not push it aside. Instead, he pulled it close, muttering words in some dead language. His ragged, uneven breaths were all that kept him from fully mourning his fallen kin. Those breaths soon slowed though and he released the body only to rest beside it. His body was ceasing, yet his mind would not silence just yet.

Memories began to surface and stirred amongst the demon’s mind. They drifted beyond these past few days and back to that morning. Everything seemed so real and peaceful. Not even the roars and gunshots from the world around him would whip him back now. His eyes fell into a dead gaze, allowing the mind to take rein of all senses.


“Its going to fall over Tidus.”

Tidus shook his head and gave a dismissive wave of his hand. “No it won’t. It’ll be just fine.”

The two Hell Knights studied their creation, both holding a satisfied gaze in their eyes. The creation in its entirety consisted of flesh and bone. The two had taken the greatest care to fuse the rotting flesh to the large rock that jutted out of the ground. With the immense heat their hands could create, they easily made everything stick. Wings made of stretched human skin dropped to dangle in tatters over the ground, which the wind took delight in playing with. The head itself groaned in displeasure. They had managed to capture a wandering Lost Soul and happily added it to their creation. The fellow demon’s rising flames only made the fusion worse and ultimately, impossible to escape from. All in all, it was another brilliant sculpture in their mind.

Tidus gazed over to his smaller companion and nudged his arm softly. “What should we do with it now Midus?”

Midus shrugged, rubbing his pale arm more out of habit than pain. “I don’t know. I guess no one will really bother it out here.”

The two gazed at each other for the moment and then back to the Lost Soul. The demon writhed and hissed amongst the burning flesh. Its movements were falling short of desperate now. The cease of struggle only meant the end.

In their silent regard towards the sculpture, both settled bloodstained arms across their chest. Midus though was pulled from his thoughts and he gazed upwards. “Ugh, Tidus… do you hear that?”

Tidus blinked out of his locked stare and listened for the moment. A whistle was faint amongst them, yet it seemed to be coming closer and very swiftly. “Yeah, it almost sounds like….”

Harsh realization pulled the two down to the ground. Their hands settled over their heads, just underneath their horns. Elbows touched against the rugged hooves that now dug into the ground. Overhead, the whistle screamed past which followed by a trio of blasts.

The two gazed to the source of the blast. In the distance, the mechanical whirls came close. Before the figure even came into view, the two knew at least what it was. Standing up straight now, only Tidus gazed back at the ruins of their sculpture. The sheer force of the blasts left the flesh scattered across the ground in a long trail.

Deep black eyes gazed down at the two with a cold stare. “Didn’t I ask… no, tell you two to be at the meeting today?”

They kept quiet for a long moment before Tidus finally spoke up. “Well, Midus and I fully intended to be at the meeting Druse… its just the time passed and you know how those things go. Besides, Dyonase has given us full permission to be out here for as long as we want. As far as any meetings are concerned, he wants us far away from them and the war.”

Druse gave a chuckle and leaned down. His face met with Tidus’, spilling his foul breath onto the other demon. “Well, unfortunately for you two Dyonase is dead. You two have been put under my battalion by request of the Spider Mastermind. So, I could honestly care less on who you’re related to because nobility is nothing when it comes to being under me.”

Midus shot Tidus a worried glance as their new commander stood up and turned. Dyonase was their uncle and the last remaining relative that they had. He had gone through great lengths in the past to keep them from the battle fields and now it seemed it was their time to serve.

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