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ZDaemon exp. guide

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Experience points in ZDaemon does not mean much...

Some players with low points can be extremely good, but because they play mostly MAP01 and D5M1 1on1 they don't get much points.

Most players with very high points, but they play a lot of Free for all (over 2 players) so they get a lot of points.
Most of this players are rather good or above average, but most would do real bad in 1on1 versus the before mentioned low points players.

Maybe ZDaemon should revise his point system and try to reward 1on1 players abit more. So for example if a player wins he gains points proportional to the exp. points of his opponent.

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there is probably one, the best you can do it to check how much points you win for each action while you play.

all I know is :
- 1 frag = 2 points
- being fragged = -1 point
- kill yourself = -5 points
- killing sprees : the higher the better
godlike must award a lot of points, not always easy to get
but good tactics and a little skill can help, and luck too :)

I still think that this point system doesnt show the quality of your game style but more how much you play.

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What if you and a friend get together, and frag each other a couple 100 times each, just to steal points? First, I kill him 100 times in a row, getting a shitload of points, and then he does the same to me?

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