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H!ZONE for Hexen and Heretic

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Plenty of add-ons there. In fact, given that there's nowhere near as many Heretic/Hexen wads as there are DooM, chances are that any data disc (although I don't know of any) will have nearly or the whole contents of the archive on it. (apart from the trickle of new wads that come out from time to time)

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Sorry Ultimate Doomer, I tried to say, unoficial comercial wad, thanks for your help anyway (heh I'm dumb)

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I once got D-Zone! 2 quite recently for 2 bucks

Worst mistake I ever made. A CD full of the shittiest maps ever designed by two year olds. They looked so bad that the screenshots on the cover were 'simulated screenshots'.

I promptly took the CD out and slammed it in my dorm room door. How satisfying it was to hear that thing break.

Just a a warning to all. AVOID (whatever)ZONE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

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