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Random demo (Hate.wad UV Maxish)

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Temple of Hate (Hate.wad) UV "Max" in 14:54. Nothing special, and overly cautious in many places; you may wish to use -timedemo.

I'll be lazy and quote from my own text file:

Just a random map from the archive. It has also been (unjustly, IMO) maligned by "NoPoet" recently, so I hope this goes some way to setting the record straight. In any case, the demo shows that you can actually get the red and blue keys. :)

It's quite a tough map, due to tight ammo and health (and the lava area), so I was happy just to get an exit. It's really annoying that one secret (the RL) doesn't register. Yeah, I'm lazy and should re-record, but I'd had quite a few failures, and had already wasted too much time on it.

Needing to backtrack for the yellow key was deliberate. On a previous attempt, I have got to that same point and spent a fraction of a second picking up the yellow key, and that gave the arachnotrons time to pelt me into oblivion. That's probably not an inevitable consequence, but I didn't particularly feel like dying the same stupid way twice.

I quite like this map, since the gameplay is very well balanced. The one major flaw with the map is that if you fall in the lava in the big cavern near the end, there is no way out. Memorable parts of the map: the rising blood level that enables you to climb onto the pillars/steps; the archie room; the lava cavern (kind of cool, despite the annoyance factor). I like the music too.

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NoPoet, heh.

Yeah, the map is okay. It would have particularly demanded some sort of way out of the lava had it been part of a map set. I indeed noticed the ammo is pretty tight overall, which is pretty cool.

The demo itself is worthy of -playdemo, actually.

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