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QuakeCon 2004

Quakecon 2004. Are you going?  

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  1. 1. Quakecon 2004. Are you going?

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anybody attending quakecon 2004? Man I really wish I could go! I'm not sure if I'll be able to, but since it is my senior year in high school, I might go. Only problems though are taking my PC if im taking a plane....

If I go, there are 5 things I would like to do.

1. See the MAN himself, John Carmack
2. See the rest of the id team
3. Get free t-shirts
4. Enter a Quake III Arena tournament (i'll probably be the first one to lose)
5. Play Quake III and other games in the BYOC

how bout the rest of you?

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Job said:

You're doing the Guy Healey exchange program thingie?

I'll be an exchange student, yes, but not that one. I'll be going to Kansai Gaidai...and failing most of my classes as I play DDR there.

I was hoping the two wouldn't conflict this year, but Quakecon is like a week before I depart, and i wouldn't feel right leaving my family for Texas and then again for four months in Japan. Last year's QuakeCon rocked.

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Nah. Being in a dark crowded place with a bunch of smelly, sweaty gamers is not my idea of fun. I do that every Wednesday when I play D&D anyway.

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Well if anyone does go, please bring back any impressions on the Doom III content you see at QuakeCon.

[Shaky cam footage is acceptable :P ]

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I would consider it, when it was in Europe. (He john, contact me when you want me to organise this!)

7. Participate in the DOOM3 MP Tournament.

Isn't this thread a little premature (August 12-15) whith Quakcon still being 6 months away..

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Man, if I can, I will BE there. But this summer for me is pretty packed already, and money is tight.

Oh - and, did you say FREE TEE SHIRTS?!? I'M THERW!

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Take some pictures of the doom3 footage etc. Please I find myself scourging the net trying to absorb every tiny bit of doom3 info there is.

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