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ZDaemon CTF Map : Official Release

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Yep. The ZDCTF map pack is now in /incoming/ and waiting for the next week's /newstuff/.

Ten maps. Ten friggin maps. In three months. Very impressive by my standards, especially considering the calibre of mappers that were involved with the project. (Ralphis, Rellik, Bloodlust) I want to thank everyone who contributed to the project. Dozens of hours of playtesting have been done to these maps.

I have learned a whole lot about mapping in thoses three months. MAP02 was my third ever map, now I feel like my skills have improved vastly.

The wad's name is ZDCTFMP.WAD. However, Raider has yet to upload it to his server. For all intents and purposes, 9CTFMEGA.WAD is the same exact thing. Comments about the map pack would be greatly appriciated. So go ahead and take a look

Note that ZDaemon 1.06 is not actually released yet. These maps have been playtested with the betas, and there should be no differences in terms of playability between the beta that these were tested with and the final version. You can view these maps in ZDoom in single player and deathmatch mode.

Some screenshots:

The Red Flagroom in the first map. (by Rellik, Washu, AlexMax)

One of the connecting halls in the third map. (by Exl)

And guess what people....

(by AlexMax)

I'm nowhere close to being done. ZDaemon CTF Map Pack II is coming...are you ready?

EDIT: Just to clarify, I did not make all of the maps. Half of them are contributions. Which was my goal the entire time.

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Looks nice. I hope that with it the Zdaemon comunity make some upgrades :-)

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Great news, however I've found some texture alignments in certain levels, and I think map04 is one of them iirc...

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