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I Have Three Questions

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1. What in the hell is scripting?

2. How do i bind two weapons to the same key (i.e shotgun\super shotgun). I want to make new weapons and bind them to other kets like 6.

3. How do I use sprites from heritec and hexen, on doom. I know the games have different platltte tables but i have seen it done before

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1. Scripting is code that you write and attach to each one of your maps. The original Doom map format did not have scripts, your WAD file needs to be in the new ZDooM (Hexen-style) map format. E.g. WadAuthor can handle them well. The ZDooM Knowledge Base may be a good starting point:


2. I think this can only be done in EDGE.

3. This can be done with XWE (for example). Open the original Hexen or Heretic WADs, and save (export) the images you need. They will be saved as bitmaps (.BMP files). XWE can import any bitmap into your Doom WAD file, and it will automatically convert to the local palette you are using in your WAD.

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Guest Fanatic

Edit WEAPONS.DDF, set the # key to bind to with BINDKEY=#; and PRIORITY=#; to set the order which they are selected.

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