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Doom Builder Suggestions

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Doom Builder is a great editor, but it can still be a better editor for instance:

If the internal ACS editor could edit multiple ACS files together, and it supported making and using ACS libraries automatically then it would be great.

Also some newer functions like SetHudSize are not supported yet.

When editing scripts if we click on the ACS list entries they are inserted into the code immediately, it would be better if they would be selected so that we could use Page-up and Page-Down to navigate them and then double click or press enter to insert the selected entry into the code.

It would be a great, if someone helped us by downloading wiki and compiling it into a compiled HTML ducument and placed it beside Doom Builder, then Doom Builder could have links for different pages of this compiled document for help, for instance if we selected an ACS function in the list and pressed F1, the compiled wiki page for that function would open for us to read, or we could open it from the main Doom Builder page to read for instance about how to make a MAPINFO lump.

Then as the Doom Builder and wiki change regularly then this process would have to be reperfomed every few week.

A wad management part would be a good addition to doom builder to let us insert new lumps into our wad files, and some dedicated lump management utilities would be even better, like adding new textures between TX_START and TX_END or regular doom textures and flats, or a sound selector utility that would know about SNDINFO and SNDSEQ lumps and how to manage them, and if the utility knows about the flac and ogg vorbis programs and their parameters and how to use them then the better.

An Integrated Font Editor would be welcome, also TERRAIN lump manager and also ANIMDEF and DECALDEF and so on... and utilities that would know about MAPINFO and KEYCONF and DECORATE and so on..., they would know how to build the lumps and would know about their different capabilities and so on...

I dont think that all those utlities that would specialize to manage a particular lump (like DECORATE) are easy and could be made instantly, but I hope that eventually we would have some of those special lump managers integrated into Doom Builder. ;)

I dont know if it currently knows how to handle multiple level wads with lots of other lumps, but I have some suggestions here:

It would be good if the editor would keep a track of the latest wads that we accessed to edit and kept their name in a file and also the texture templates that we preferred for each of those wads, and the levels that we edited inside those wads, and our last position and zoom factor inside those levels... then whenever we started the editor, it opened the last wad and edited the last level that we had edited inside that wad, and positioned us exactly where we had been the last time and in the last editing mode, then it would speed up our progress a bit, and we could select the previous wads from a list and would be positioned when we had last edited them, with our preffered texture defaults for that wad...

Something like this: (Last files come first)

#Include MyResources.WAD
MAP03: 512,32,10xZoom,Things mode
Map01: 0,-1024,1XZoom,Line Mode

E1M7: -320,-64,4xZoom,Sector mode

Hey, but Doom Builder is great just as it is now. :D

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The good thing is, is that even if CodeImp doesn't want to put this stuff in, it's open source, so Doombuilder can be edited by anyone. It's my favorite map editor.

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I think Codeimp wants DB to be the least port specific that it can.

It'd be great if somone coded in all this stuff though, definitely.

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Hey, I got an idea here, we can have a Doom Builder that would accept a type of addon, to manipulate different types of wad lumps.

For instance:
1: Addon that would handle level scripts and behavior lumps.
2: Addon that would handle MAPINFO lump.
3: Addon that would handle DECORATE lump.

And here is how:

Currently the internal ACS script editor has two panelles, the left one is a list of known keywords and the right one is a text editor, if we select the left keywords they are inserted into the right editor and the editor knows these keywords and highlights them, and also the text between two quotes.

OK, this interface can be placed inside a DLL which accepts wad file name, lump name, keyword list file name, and some additional info to let it be specialized for more action, like additional buttons that would call some callback functions in other DLLs.

Then we could make some DLLs, that would use this base DLL and make two panelle editors for each text based lump and specialize the editor for the lump that they are working on, for instance level scripts or MAPINFO and so on...

These DLLs are the addons that I'm talking about and they can have the extension of "DBU" for "Doom Builder Utility" or some such and they can have a standard interface for the editor to communicate with them and they all can use the base two-panelle editor for their purpose.

These can be placed inside an addon directory and Doom Builder can scan this directory and call a particular function of each DLL in this directory that has an extention of "DBU" and get their name and functionality and place them in a Utility menu, and we can have keyboard shortcut for them as well.

The interface for base two panelle editor is the one that the addon utilities use to have an editor:
1-Define wad file name;
2-Define lump name in that wadfile.
3-Define keyword list file name for the left panelle.
4-Define new specialized buttons in the text editor and their callback properties.

Callback properties are the caller DBU file name and the function entry to call if the button is pressed.
In the Script editor this button is Compile but in MAPINFO editor this can be Wizard or Check-Integrity...

The standard interface for each utility, is used by Doom Builder to communicate with each utility:
1-Get name and functionality.
2-Define wad file name;
3-Define level name in that wadfile.

I have described the base foundation, but this can also be implemented easily via ActiveX or some such.

This utilities can be simple extensions of the current integrated script editor but with different lists of keywords, then eventually we can enhance them to be more specialized for their job, using the new additional buttons in that editor and their call back functions, for example:

In MAPINFO lump editor, we can have a "MAPINFO.DBU" that is like this:

1-Get name would result in "MAPINFO editor"
2-Would get the wad file name from Doom Builder.
3-Would get the current level that is being edited.

Then it would call the two panelle editor like this:

1-Would give the wad file name.
2-Would give the name of "MAPINFO" lump.
3-Would give the name of "...\MAPINFO.LST", for keyword list.
4-No specialized button for now.

Then the editor would edit the MAPINFO lump with the keyword list specialized for it, then in the future we can add a "Wizard" button that would call a callback function in the "MAPINFO.DBU" dll file that would open a dialog box for the user to define sky textures and their rotation speed and other info for the current level or hub. then it would insert the information into the lump and return to the two panelle editor...

This can be applied for the current script editor as well with the Compile button as a call back button for the "SCRIPT.DBU" utility addon.

Also for the "DECORATE.DBU" which can also start simple with only a new keyword list, then eventually become more sophisticated in the end...

Also for any other text based lump out there...

As for non-text based lump managers, then they can have the same interface as they communicate with Doom Builder, but they would not use the two pannele text editor and have their own dialog boxes to manage the lump.

For instance we can have a utility that would make the Reject Map for the current level, or a general lump manager that would let us insert new lumps into the wad, or a specialized Texture manager that would let us insert PNGs or normal doom texture lumps between TX_START and TX_END signs, and so on...

If eventually the compiled wiki help becomes available for Doom Builder, then we can have new standard interface functions that would let the utilities and the two panelle editor handle the help file, the keyword lists would also have to be enhanced to be able to point to the appropriate part of the wiki for each keyword in the list.

And this system has a good point that later we can add our own addons for new types of lumps that would appear in the future versions of ZDOOM or other source ports.

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SlayeR said:

Heh, the only thing I've found it's lacking is a 'copy/paste texture y-alignment' feature in the 3d mode.

Use the copy and paste properties function. I think it's CTRL+B and CTRL+Shift+B respectively, by default. This way it also pastes and copies peggedness.

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I`m not telling that it is lacking something, but I am telling that it can still be better.

Asfor ZDoom specific features, those addons can be marked ZDoom only,or Legacy only, or general addons and would not appear when they are not needed.

And also for the compiled wiki, we can have other compiled HTML docs that are specialized for Legacy or other source ports or for vanilla doom, and used when appropriate.

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