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Every time I try to run ZDoomGL, I get the error "The procedure entry point _FMUSIC_LoadSongEx@20 could not be located in the dynamic link library fmod.dll."
I have fmod.dll in the same directory, along with my Doom II Iwad, and everything (basically my Doom 2 directory). Could someone tell me what's wrong? Thanks!

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Better: Get an older version of FMOD. The current ZDoomGL version is relatively old and since then ZDoom has switched to a newer FMOD version which is incompatible.

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You should use the version of fmod that came with the ZdoomGL version you are using for now. It sounds like you have Zdoom and ZDGL in the same folder, which ordinarily would be fine except as Graf said, the current public version of ZDGL relies on an older version of fmod.

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