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While Script

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Ive been reading about how to get things to happen once you have killed everything in a certain room using script. I think i pretty much understand the idea, but i cant figure out the while command, where and how to use it, whats the expression, i dont understand whats written on the zdoom site. It says u need it to repeat the script, to keep checking until the thing count gets to zero. As an example, (i cross a line, it open doors with enemies, i kill them, and then a door opens somewhere into the next part of a level) With the while, roughly, how would that scrip look? Can anyone help, or give me a link somwhere that may explain better. thanx!

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well thats what i was reading, but thats not what i wanted to make happen, just something similar, i guess i jsut dont fully understand the cripting yet, even though ive written some before

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