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Recording demos with Zdoom

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It's just the same as with the original game, and most other ports.

Add -record DEMONAME to your command line (where "DEMONAME" is whatever you want to call your demo). Note that you also need to specify the skill level and warp to the level where you want to start recording. Thus, to record a UV demo on Mock2 map24, you would use:

zdoom.exe -file mock2.wad -warp 24 -skill 4 -record Mo24-xxx

This would create a demo file called Mo24-xxx.lmp (I'd suggest then replacing the "xxx" with the time, but that's completely up to you).

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Thank you. I've never used this method, I've always used Doom95. But yea, I've got my batch files all lined up now. :-)

Now, does zDoom have any special features for Demos? Such as restarting the demo each time you die, or do you have to keep restarting the program just like the retail versions?

I've noticed that, when I record a demo and I die and try again, it's all shown in the demo. If there's no option to restart the demo in-game, is there any way to seperate your lives from a single demo?

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