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Spontaneous Combustion Screenshots!

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I am working on a project called spontaneous combustion. (No, it will have nothing to do with fire.) You start off in a room with three teleporters and in each area the teleporters get you to there is a different key. To win you must have all three keys. Every place the teleporters teleport you to have a different theme...
Yes, I have stolen bits from Doom2 01 and E1M1 to give it a better feeling. :)

Here are the screenshots. Tell me what you think.

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noticeable improvement, Lutrov.

just pay attention to texture alignments (lights in #shot2), and use flats wisely (GRNLITE on #shot3)...

that's about it.

I'll playtest it for you if you wish.

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Looks quite good, but the lighting in the third shot is just ugly. Those light should really light up a larger area than just a thin sector it does now.

EDIT: also the ceiling in the third shot doesn't fit.

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This will actually be map22 on the Doom Replic Community Project now. So I'm going to have to make it fairly difficult.

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