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3darchives.in-span.net anomaly?

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I noticed something strange at ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/
The directory idstuff/ always seems to have the same time and date than the file LAST.24hours.
Somehow this doesn't make sence, as that directory surely isn't updated equally frequent. Also this isn't the case on other mirrors.

It's not that important at all, though I just wonder how that could be. Any explanations?

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Who knows why that is... but the Archive simply mirrors that directory, which is maintained by id Software itself.

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It'll be on a script that runs every few hours to mirror the directory from Id. The script to generate the LAST.24hours file is probably run at the same time, so you end up with the same modification time.

If you really care, ask Ty :)

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